ViProc Conference

Virtual Process Tracing (ViProc) Conference 2020

17.09.2020 & 01.10.2020

2-7pm (UTC) || 3-8pm (London time) || 7-12am (LA time)

We hosted a virtual conference with an informal atmosphere, where speakers from all career levels can present their current work to get feedback from the process tracing community. We invited submissions that use process tracing to understand decision making from different perspectives. Work utilizing verbal protocols, voice recordings, mouse- or eye-tracking, computational modeling and other techniques to study risky choices, perceptual decision making, consumer behavior, behavior in social interactions and many other decision settings – we had it all!

In addition to the topic-specific sessions, two keynote speakers gave us a glimpse at their recent work and presented their ideas on process tracing research.

Keynote Speakers

Molly Crockett

Yale University

Colin Camerer

California Institute of Technology

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